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Diacell® OmniDAC-LT

Gas Membrane Driven DAC for Optical and X-Ray
Part of the Diacell OmniDAC series

[Formerly WCM-7(B)]

Product Description

This is the cryogenic version of the Diacell® OmniDAC and differs from it only in being made of BeCu alloy.
Based on the OptiDAC Series' characteristics, the Diacell® OmniDAC-LT was designed for both X-ray diffraction and optical studies taking advantage of the gas membrane drive mechanism.  Extended lateral sight holes allow the observation of scatter at directions normal to the cell axis. 

The gas membrane drive requires, additionally, the Diacell® GM Controller containing valves, couplings, pressure measurement and digital display modules. A quick-release Swagelok coupling allows ready disconnection of the cell from the control box, without loss of gas pressure.

Note: If the diamond anvil cell is to be used a low temperature, a low temperature relief valve will need to be fitted on the gas line. This low temperature relief is available from Almax easyLab alongside our GM or iGM controllers option.


The Diacell® OmniDAC-LT was designed for both X-ray diffraction and optical studies.


Cell Material Berryllium copper alloy
Anvil Support Plate Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism Gas membrane drive
Maximum Pressure 100 GPa
Temperature Range Room and Low Temperatures
Top Angle X-Ray: conical 50º
Bottom Angle X-Ray: conical 50º
Lateral Access 16° of 2θ is accessible
Heating N/A
Cooling Cryogenic cooling
DAC Diameter 51 mm
DAC Height 35 mm
Working Distance to Sample 12 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.42
Interfacing Solution TBC

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.
Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.
Specifications may change without notice.
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Diacell® OmniDAC-LT