Almax easyLab is a pioneering company in the field of optical diamond components, specifically known for its innovative advancements in the shaping and polishing of natural and lab grown diamonds, with a commitment to research and development.
At Almax easyLab we are passionate about diamonds. Our master polishers and engineers combine craftsmanship with technology to select and cut diamonds to the highest standards.
We polish high-quality ultra-precise diamond anvils and windows for the high-pressure science community worldwide.
We strive for innovative optical diamond applications with a new world opening up based on the NV centers in diamond. We collaborate with universities, research centra and start-ups to supply diamond samples for their high-tech diamond quantum computing and sensing devices.

A diamond anvil is a scientific instrument used in high-pressure experiments, particularly in the field of condensed matter physics. It consists of two opposing diamond anvils, due to their exceptional hardness.
The design of a diamond anvil typically involves two diamond pieces, each with a flat surface known as the culet. The culets are precisely cut and polished to create the desired sample chamber. The two diamond anvils are mounted on opposing metal supports and are typically shaped like truncated cones or cylinders.
When using a diamond anvil, a small sample is placed between the culets of the two diamond anvils. By tightening the screws or applying pressure to the anvils, the sample is compressed between them. As pressure is applied, the diamond anvils exert an immense force on the sample, generating extremely high pressures. These pressures can reach levels of several million times atmospheric pressure, creating conditions similar to those found in the Earth’s interior or even exceeding them.
Diamond anvils are used in a wide range of scientific experiments to investigate the behavior of materials under high pressures. They have been instrumental in studying phase transitions, the properties of materials at extreme conditions, and the synthesis of new materials. Diamond anvils allow scientists to explore the effects of pressure on various physical and chemical phenomena, contributing to our understanding of the fundamental properties of matter.

In the field of quantum computing, diamonds hold great potential due to their unique properties. Almax easyLab works closely with universities and research centers engaged in quantum computing research to provide them with diamond samples tailored for their specific needs. These diamond samples often contain impurities known as nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, which can be manipulated to store and process quantum information at room temperature. Almax easyLab’s expertise in quantum polishing diamonds with controlled orientations ensures that researchers have access to precisely engineered samples that meet the stringent requirements of quantum computing experiments.

Additionally, Almax easyLab collaborates with start-ups that are pushing the boundaries of diamond-based sensing devices. Diamonds have exceptional sensing capabilities, making them ideal for applications such as magnetic field sensing, temperature sensing, and even biological sensing. By partnering with start-ups, Almax easyLab supplies them with high-quality diamond samples that enable the development of advanced sensing technologies. These collaborations drive innovation and accelerate the commercialization of diamond-based sensing devices.
Through its collaborations, Almax easyLab fosters a dynamic ecosystem of research and development, bringing together the expertise of academic institutions, research centers, and entrepreneurial ventures. By providing tailored diamond samples for high-tech applications, the company plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of diamond-based quantum computing and sensing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in these exciting areas of research.

Overall, Almax easyLab’s collaboration with universities, research centers, and start-ups in the supply of diamond samples for high-tech diamond quantum computing and sensing devices demonstrates its commitment to driving technological advancements and pushing the frontiers of diamond-based applications.