Our customers are more than that…

High-pressure is a very small community where everyone knows everyone. We are conscious of that and that is why we try to work as close as possible to the community. This is a community that we have known for nearly three decades now. This has enabled us to develop some very close connections to the point that often these connections have led to collaboration and mutually beneficial technology developments. Your requirements are what drives us to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of what our company can do and develop.

Rene Volmer TNO

“We have trusted Almax easyLab for years to achieve our most challenging diamond cutting and polishing jobs. They take the time to understand our requirements and execute the work faithfully and professionally. They also dare to test novel ideas for us.”

René Vollmer, TNO (Nederlandse organisatie voor Toegepast-Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)

High-pressure research always requires specific training and it is very difficult to get started as a new direction in the research group. As a PI with the background in quantum materials science but interested in studying materials under high pressure, Almax easyLab’s staff provide extremely helpful suggestions for our technical issues with all patience. The equipment provided by Almax easyLab is compatible with most commercial instruments such as single crystal X-ray diffractometer and Quantum Design PPMS. The tutorial is very detailed for zero background graduate students to follow. Almax easyLab really accelerates the possibility of applying high-pressure techniques to other science fields.

Dr Weiwei Xie, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Michigan State University, USA

Working with Almax easyLab has always been a pleasant experience. They actively engage in discussions, understand your needs, and propose optimal solutions. Throughout the entire process, their team pays attention to every small detail, resulting in consistently outstanding results. Almax easyLab’s genuine dedication to their clients paired with high level of professionalism, makes them a standout company in the diamond field.

Gediminas Seniutinas , Qnami AG

We have been one of the first customers of Almax easyLab back in 2005. Over the years they have always been a reliable and friendly partner to answer our questions, provide spares and replacement parts. I can highly recommend them.

Dr Fransisco Rivadulla, Santiago de Compostela University, Spain.

Working with Almax easyLab has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me over the years. As a hand-on scientist, I have always developed techniques that make life easier for colleagues working with diamond cells. After publishing, I have encouraged Almax easyLab to market the products. They thus have provided much value to the high-pressure research community by developing ground-breaking products like Boehler-Almax diamond anvils (conical anvils), the PlateDAC and the Boehler uDriller. Their team is impressively helpful, showing enthusiasm and a willingness to innovate.

Dr Reinhard Boehler, HP-Tech Inc.