• NV Center DAC 1
    NV centers unleashes new potential in high-pressure diamond anvils

    NV Centers open new HP possibilities

  • Coated Diamond
    Making contact is often the hardest...

    Patterned Diamond Anvils Enhance Plug-and-Play High-Pressure Transport and NV Measurements

  • Discounts on Diamonds
    Volume discount on diamond anvils

    Receive 10% discount for orders of 20 or more diamond anvils of any type

  • Patterned diamond anvils from Almax easyLab for HP electrical transport measurements

  • Quantum Polishing Services

    Quantum polishing services

  • Moissanite, Sapphire and Cubic Zirconia anvils available from Almax easyLab

  • Large synthetic CVD diamond anvils for neutron HP experiments

  • Miniature diamond anvils for X-ray Raman scattering spectroscopy HP experiments

  • NPD diamond anvils for your HP EXAFS experiments

  • Type Ib drilled diamond cylinders/capsules

  • Anti-reflective coating on diamond anvils

  • Where surface roughness matters...

    Breakthrough in Diamond Quantum Polishing