Pressure cells for Magnetic Measurements

When choosing a pressure cell for magnetic measurements, a critical element to consider will be the size of the sample you will be able to measure. Working with a diamond anvil cell, means in turn the size of the sample will be greatly limited and the signal very small even for SQUID measurements.

The choice is to be made between a piston-cylinder design (Mcell 10) or a diamond anvil cell (Mcell Ultra)

Key elements to consider:

  • Pressure range of interest
  • Sample dimensions
  • Measurement sensitivity requirements
  • In-situ pressure calibration
  Cell design Pressure/Sample space
Mcell 10 Clamp piston cylinder  up to 1 GPa, dia = 1.9 mm by a few mm long
Mcell Ultra Diamond Anvil Cell  Up to 15 GPa depending on culet size

Both pressure cells are fully compatible with Quantum Design’s MPMS XL and MPMS-3 SQUID magnetometers. All interfacing parts are included with this products

  • easyLab® Mcell 10

    SQUID magnetometers, Pmax = 1 GPa, Tmin = 4 K

  • easyLab® Mcell Ultra

    SQUID magnetometers, Pmax = 20 GPa, Tmin = 4 K