Do you accept card payment?2023-06-24T22:01:15+02:00

Yes. We accept most major Credit Card Payment (VISA, Mastercard). Automatic processing can be done via our website ( but we can also process your card payment over the phone.

What are you typical leadtimes?2023-06-16T17:48:54+02:00

Almax easyLab will typically deliver diamond anvils and sapphire anvils within 4-5 working weeks from your order.
WC seats however take 8-9 working weeks for shipping.
Pressure cells and related equipment are typically 12 working weeks. We hold some stock so might be able to expedite when required.
If a product is in stock we aim to ship in 1 week from order.

Can we talk to a salesperson to discuss our needs or find out about the best product for our application?2023-06-24T22:04:28+02:00

Please contact us with a very short description of your request or project. This way we can forward your details to the appropriate person within our company and he or she will get in contact with you to schedule an online meeting.

Does Almax easyLab work with distributors?2023-05-29T14:29:59+02:00

Almax easyLab prefers direct contact with the endusers. As such, we are organized to supply our products worldwide, without the need for distributors. Only if a customer insists on working with one of their preferred vendors, we will proceed accordingly.

Are you providing training on your system?2023-05-23T11:54:18+02:00


We can offer two types of training. Either you come and visit our company in Diksmuide, Belgium and you can spend some time with one of our Application Scientists which will show you the ropes on your new system prior to shipment. Or you can contract us to have one of our Application Scientists to come to your laboratory to train your team in the comfort of your laboratory.

Both options come at a cost but all our customers who benefited from this service found it highly valuable as it provided them with the confidence to use the newly acquired equipement.

Are you shipping worldwide?2023-05-23T11:49:50+02:00

Yes we regularly ship worldwide. We normally offer two options for shipment terms:

  • CPT Incoterms: ‘Carriage Paid To’ destination
  • FCA Incoterms: ‘Free Carriage’ to you designated courier company

If you need your order to benefit from an additional insurance (i.e. CIP), ask our Sales Team at the time of quotation and we will be able to accommodate your requirements.


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