Manual and automatic gas membrane controllers.

Almax easyLab makes extensive use of gas membranes to drive cell pistons in our Diacell® range of DACs. Advantages of this type of drive include the ability to apply very small incremental loads, remote operation, and the achievement of higher pressures due to absence of friction associated with bolts.

We offer two types of gas controllers:

  • Manual GM controller
  • Automatic iGM controller

The Manual GM controller is more like a pressure manual regulator to set up with the gas bottle and the gas membrane.

On the other hand the mode advanced option of the iGM controller is a real automated and programmable controller with a touch screen and optional Almax easyLab software (HPM = High Pressure Manager) for a more sophisticated control of the gas pressure.

  • Diacell® GM Controller

    Control Unit for Diacell® Gas Membrane Driven DACs

  • Diacell® iGM Controller

    Intelligent pneumatic pressure controller and indicator for gas membrane DACs