What drives us…

At Almax easyLab, we believe that science and technology will tackle global challenges such as climate change, health and the development of new medicine, new energy production techniques and storage.
We believe this will notably be enabled by understanding matter and its interactions through high pressure and optical diamond instruments.
That is why our motivation and our purpose is to provide high pressure instruments and diamond technology to the scientific community.

”Our passion for diamond technology drives our relentless pursuit of excellence. Not to unveil the inner brilliance of diamond but to push the boundaries of high-tech diamond applications. We are captivated by the forefront of diamond innovation in order to have an impact on science and – as a consequence of this – the world around us. Embracing these innovations, we seek to revolutionize the industry by pushing the limits of traditional practices and introducing state-of-the-art technology that enhances efficiency, precision, and overall quality. Our dedication to diamond perfection is fuelled by the requirements of our customers and their challenging scientific projects”


”Implementing high pressure techniques in the laboratory has always been a challenge. It is not only about getting the correct equipment…being able to use it is also critical. If your motivation is not in spending endless weeks designing, making, testing a high pressure equipment but on the contrary you are motivated by hitting the ground running and start with your high pressure equipment, then we are the right partner for you. Our Team will help you along the way, narrowing down the choice, fine tuning to your exact requirement and also supporting you once the equipment will be in your laboratory.”