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Repairwork on diamond anvils

Repair of damaged diamond anvils
  • Diamond Anvil Repair Of 16-Sided Culet
  • Diamond Anvil Repair Of 16-Sided Culet With Bevels


SKU: Diamond Repair

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At Almax easylab, we repair your damaged diamond anvils.
How much we polish away depends on the damage (because of microcracks it is not possible to predict how much material we need to remove to clean the culet) or on the request of the customer. Sometimes customers want to receive a different anvil height.
If we can not repair the anvil, you will not be charged for any preparatory polishing work. No cure, no pay!
The maximum turnaround time for your repairs is 3 working weeks.


Examples of typical requests for quote:

Repair of diamond anvil, standard design, 16-sided, culet of 0.30 mm

  • Quantity: 4 anvils.

Repair of diamond anvil, Boehler-Almax design, 16-sided, culet of 0.15 mm, bevels up to 0.30 mm at 8°

  • Quantity: 6 anvils.

Recommended steps for customs declaration:

When sending diamond anvils to us from outside of Europe:

  •  Describe the goods as “diamod tools” – harmonised code 8207.9010.00.
  • In addition, if possible, please declare a low value for the goods (preferably less than USD 125).
  • Mention on your air waybill th at taxes and duties are to be paid by the sender.
  • Please always include an instruction paper with your damaged diamond anvils.

These steps help prevent additional customs charges. Temporary import is very expensive and by using the steps above we are able to proceed with a full import, making it a much cheaper alternative for your repair


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