Welcome to Our Team: The Heartbeat of Our Success!

At Almax easyLab, we believe that our team and employees are the driving force behind our achievements and the heartbeat of our success. They are the invaluable individuals who fuel our growth, shape our culture, and help us achieve our goals. We recognize the paramount importance of fostering a strong, cohesive team environment that values and supports each member, because we understand that our collective efforts are what make us thrive.

Almax easyLab, where Our Team’s Success Defines Our Success!

In their own words…

Maybe it’s not rocket science, but we make rocket science possible.

I like the kind of high tech suppliers where I order, the high tech customers where I send our products and keeping an eye on all this through the planning.

Tom, Production Manager

I have mastered the diamond machine polishing very well, and I love the warm atmosphere that I experience in the company. Everyone is so supportive and there‘s no competition or envy.

Katleen, Polisher

Working in a great environment like this one is really important for me! Not only is the atmosphere friendly and inviting, but there is also a sense of stability and safety in the workplace that allows me to know I‘m in good hands. Additionally, I‘m really thankful for the strong support system my team provides, as a good worklife balance promotes a positive attitude for all. Having such an amazing work environment makes a huge difference for me.

Marie, Polisher
Company Team Picture
  • Jerlyn

    Diamond Polisher

  • Nick

    Production technician

  • Tom

    Production Manager

  • Katleen

    Diamond Polisher

  • Najim

    Diamond Polisher

  • Marivic

    Diamond Polisher

  • Christophe

    Application Scientist

  • Marta


  • Nikolai

    Diamond Polisher

  • Quentin

    CAD Specialist

  • Thomas

    Software Engineer

  • Adriana

    Sales Engineer

  • Liezly

    Diamond Polisher

  • Sheila

    Diamond Polisher

  • Helen

    Diamond Polisher

  • Gianni

    Diamond Polisher

  • Samantha

    Diamond Polisher

  • Roman

    Diamond Polisher

  • Oleksandr

    Diamond Polisher

  • Employee Image


    Commercial Engineer

  • Kartik

    Digital Marketeer

  • Lore

    Diamond Polisher

  • Iryna Fantaz

    Diamond Polisher

  • Liu Yang (PR China)

    Sales Engineer (Beijing, PRC)