Quantum polishing services

Quantum Polishing Services

Almax easyLab has developed appropriate technologies for the polishing of diamond plates, substrates and windows for shock wave, detector and quantum applications.

Whether you are interested in ultra-thin diamond plates (down to 15 µm), diamond plates with an ultra-fine surface roughness (Ra < 0.5 0 nm with reduced subsurface damage) or specially oriented diamonds plates, for your application, Almax easyLab will be able to boost your research or production for your diamond devices.

The polishing of electronic grade or DNV diamond substrates has no secrets to Almax easyLab.

We supply HPHT diamond plates for quantum sensing or X-ray applications with (100), (110) and even (111) orientations.

We polish the side edges of your diamond plates to enable laserlight to be coupled inside for waveguide applications.

Challenge us and we will try to help you with our diamond (polishing) knowledge.

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