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Diacell® VivoDAC

Raman Spectroscopy, Pmax = 2 GPa, Tmax = 500 K, WD = 6 mm, A = 100°
  • The Diacell® VivoDAC is a unique cell for pressure range up to 2 GPa
  • Pressure generation is obtained by the combination of a diamond anvil and a Boehler-Almax diamond window. This window, with its 100° opening is used as observation port
  • The Diacell® VivoDAC has a very high numerical aperture of 0.77 and a very short working distance of 6 mm. It is ideal for microscopic imagining work of biological samples
  • The gas membrane driven pressure mechanism allows the pressure variation within the cell, whilst the experimental set-up is mounted on the microscope stage
  • An optional band heater will enable high temperature sample analysis up to 500 K
  • This cell is fitted as standard with type IIas Raman ultra-low fluorescence diamond anvil and window

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The Diacell® VivoDAC is a membrane-driven cell, allowing good control of pressure over a relatively low pressure range of up to 2 GPa. Instead of the usual opposing anvils found in DACs, the Diacell® VivoDAC uses a diamond anvil and diamond window combination, the latter being the observation port. This important design feature, combined with the pressure range available, makes this DAC ideal for microscopic imaging work in biological applications.

The Diacell® VivoDAC is less than 25 mm thick along the optical axis making it suitable for most, if not all, commercially available microscopy/spectroscopy systems. Furthermore, the physical distance from the objective to the sample through the diamond plate side is merely 8 mm.


The Diacell® VivoDAC with its relative low pressure range (for DAC standards) and very short working distances is particularly suitable for optical measurements with microscope systems. The pressure is generated by a gas membrane which allows the pressure in-situ to be modified continuously whilst the DAC remains under the observing microscope.


Cell Material AISI 440C
Anvil Support Plate Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism Gas Membrane
Maximum Pressure 2 GPa
Temperature Range 300 to 500 K
Top Angle Optical: Conical 76º
Bottom Angle Optical: Conical 100º
Lateral Access N/A
Heating Band heater up to 500 K (option)
Cooling Water cooling (please contact us)
DAC Diameter 60 mm
DAC Height 26 mm
Working Distance to Sample 6 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.77
DAC Weight 500 g

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils. Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement. Specifications may change without notice. easyLab and Diacell are registered trademarks of Almax easyLab.


We have compiled a series of technical documents (brochures, articles, technical drawings, …) which you might find useful to help you understand this product better.

Technical documentation

Brochure VivoDAC

Technical Drawing

Please contact us for further details on the engineering drawings.


2014 – Kong et al. – Monitoring Rates and Heterogeneity of High-Pressure Germination of Bacillus Spores by Phase-Contrast Microscopy of Individual Spores


Spares, Accessories and Options

Our diamond anvil cells are aligned and mechanically tested before leaving our factory on their way to your laboratory.

They also come supplied with the required basic tooling, including gasket blanks, to use them. All is contained in the transportation casing to move around laboratories easily.

Below you can find some of the accessories and spares you might also consider. If you cannot find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Diamond Anvils
Type IIas, 2.5 mm Diacell® design diamond anvil, fitted in steel rings for easy fitting in the VivoDAC
Product code: [P01933], [M12006]
Diamond Window
Type IIas, diamond window, Boehler Almax design
Product code: [P02128]
Anvil Support Plate
Seat, 76 Degree, Tungsten carbide
Product code: [P00832]
Window Support Plate
Seat, 100 Degree, Tungsten carbide
Product code: [P01819]
Band Heater
Band heater that includes programmable power supply unit
Product code: [A75050]
Gas Membrane
Gas membrane suitable for the VivoDAC
Product code: [A76050]
Gasket Blanks
3.95 mm/ 0.30 mm thick BeCu gasket blanks
Product code: [P01818]


What is the maximum pressure I can achieve with the VivoDAC ?

This DAC combines a large culet (1.20 mm) Diacell® design anvil with a Boehler-Almax design diamond window. These characteristics offer a very wide observation angle for optical measurements with a maximum pressure limited to 2 GPa (*).

(*) The Pmax values are only indicative. The maximum pressure achievable with a DAC is influenced by many others experimental parameters, like the gasket characteristics (material, thickness and hole size) or the pressure transmitting medium.


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