Flushing Manifold for Cryostat

Valve for GM gas line cleaning
  • Recommended for the use of the gas membrane driven low temperature DACs
  • Allows the cleaning of the the gas line prior to cool down with a cryostat
  • Compatible with both automated iGM and manual GM controllers

SKU: A00300

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This option is recommended when a diamond anvil cell is used at low temperature in conjunction with a cryostat.

This valve consists of two quick connectors (one male and one female) to insert it easily on gas line of the gas membrane of the DAC outside of the cryostat.

When used with an external small pump (e.g. a diaphragm pump – not supplied), the user can pump and flush with clean helium the capillary line from the output of the gas controller down to the gas membrane.

Once the gas line has been cleaned, this manifold can be disconnected and the capillary line reconnected from the GM controller to the gas membrane capillary.


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