In-House Training

Customer training on high pressure equipment
  • Training at our factory in Belgium (1 or 2 persons)

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Training and installation is carried out by one of our application scientist according to a schedule of activities specific to the system and equipment supplied on your order. It is also the opportunity to see in action other equipment in action in the factory.

The activities can vary from system to system but generally revolves around the following areas:
• Unpacking and discovering your system;
• General aspects of high pressure work with a high pressure cell (piston or diamond anvil cell);
• Specificities of your system;
• Setting up of the equipment (*);
• Demonstration by our application scientist;
• Practice by end-users;
• Review of training with possible actions to follow up.
(*) We recommend 1 or 2 persons to come to our factory to make the most of training day. Travelling, lodging and boarding needs to be take care of by the customer. Almax easyLab can provide some guidance and local help


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