Ruby Balls/Spheres

5 to 50 µm ruby balls  
  • Perfect spherical shape ruby balls
  • 10 mg of 5 - 50 µm ruby balls

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Almax easyLab supply ultra-high quality Ruby spheres. Perfect spherical shapes enabling easier identification of the Ruby manometer inside the sample space.

The ruby balls are supplied on a microscope glass slide containing around 10 mg of small balls of variable size between 5 and 50 microns in size.

The optical grade of the starting Ruby and the annealing process is important to provide a good intensity of the Ruby peaks (R2 and R1 lines) as well as a well-defined two peaks. It has been demonstrated that such annealing process is important to avoid internal strain in the Ruby which in turn provides a reliable pressure calibrant. To enhance their quality, our Ruby balls undergo multiple heat treatments.

The FWHM of the R1 line has been measured as around 0.6 nm at room temperature and ambient pressure.


Material (Al2O3):Cr3+
Chromium content 3000 ppm
FWHM 0.6 nm
Balls size distribution 5 to 50 µm
Quantity 10 mg

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Ruby Micro Balls Extended Brochure



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