Torque Wrench for DACs

Gasket pre-indentation tool
  • A useful tool to control the force applied during gasket indentation and pressure increase in a DAC;
  • Its large torque range makes it suitable for various DACs in the lab;
  • Thanks to small torque increments, it provides a quantified control of the force applied on the DAC;
  • Its small footprint makes it compatible with many small DACs from our range;
  • The kit is supplied with a variety of Torx keys for use with different screw driven DACs;
  • The carry case makes it easy to move around the lab and always have at hand the tools needed;
  • Supplied with its calibration certificate.


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Adjustable torque wrench to be used with screw driven diamond anvil cells.


Torque range 1 -> 5 Nm
Incremental steps 0.1 Nm
Footprint 165 mm long
Adapting key and set of Torx keys T10, T15, T20, T25 and T27 (*)

(*) DAC compatibility :

  • T10: One20DAC, Bragg G/ LTG Plus, OmniDAC/ OmniDAC- LT, CryoDAC- LT, HeliosDAC/ HeliosDAC Plus;
  • T15: CryoDAC- ST;
  • T20: Bragg Mini;
  • T25: SymmDAC60/ SymmDAC 100, Panoramic DAC, CryoDAC Mega, CryoDAC Tesla, Diaclamp, CryoDAC PPMS XL clamp;
  • T27: Bragg S Plus/ Bragg LTS Plus.

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Will I get reproducible results using this torque wrench?

Tests have shown that for a given torque value applied, the difference of indentation between 2 gaskets is less than 5% making this tool and method reproducible.


What is the advantage of using this tool compared to simple Allen keys?

Using a torque wrench allows the user to apply the same torque value on each clamping screw. It provides a more controlled and importantly quantified torque on the clamping screws.  Using simple Allen keys only provide a coarser method.


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