We offer a wide range of products for your requirements in high pressure research and experiments.

  • Cryogenic Products: cryostats fitted with diamond anvil cells;
  • Diamond Anvils: a wide range of diamond anvil designs (Boehler-Almax, Diacell, Standard, Modified Brilliant Cut);
  • Drilling Products: edm drilling machine for gasket preparation;
  • Electrical Products: High-Pressure cells (piston-cylinder and diamond anvil cells) for electrical resistivity measurements;
  • Gas Controllers Products: Manual and Automated pressure controllers for gas membranes used with diamond anvil cells;
  • Magnetic Products: High pressure cells (piston-cylinder and diamond anvil cells) for magnetic measurements;
  • Moissanite Anvils: Alternative material anvils;
  • Optical Products: High pressure cells (diamond anvil cells) for magnetic optical spectroscopy (Raman, fluorescence, …);
  • RubyLine Products: Laser systems to measure pressure in diamond anvil cells;
  • X-Ray Products: High pressure cells (diamond anvil cells) for X-ray spectroscopy (Powder and single crystal diffraction, EXAFS, ADXD,… ).