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Boehler-Almax Plate DAC

X-ray Spectroscopy, Laser heating, Pmax = 100 GPa, T = 300 K, WD = 10.5 mm, A = 85°
  • The Boehler-Almax PlateDAC is based on the innovative design of R. Boehler and employs conical Boehler-Almax anvils supported by tungsten carbide seats as standard
  • This cell is particularly well suited for X-ray experiments as it enables diffraction measurements with high transmission factor and very low background
  • Two kinematically–mounted steel plates are elastically deflected with the use of a driving gearbox. This symmetrical deflection generates the required pressures
  • A gas membrane adaptor kit is available for the Boehler-Almax PlateDAC. In addition, a Huber goniometer head is also available for this gas membrane adaptor
  • Maximum pressure of up to above 100 GPa are enabled by the Boehler-Almax PlateDAC

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The Almax Plate DAC is an innovative diamond anvil cell based on the novel design of Prof. Reinhard Boehler at the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, Germany. With the advent of conical diamond anvils described in the paper by R. Boehler et al., High Press. Res. 24, 391 (2004), comes the possibility of having diamond anvil cells with very large conical apertures without the drawback of obstructing materials for the incoming of outgoing beams.

In the Almax Plate DAC two kinematically-mounted steel plates are elastically deflected with the use of a driving gearbox. Based on the lever principle, the symmetrical deflection of the plates, although very small, is enough to bring into near-contact the diamond anvils and hence generate the required pressures in the sample space.

The conical anvils are supported by tungsten carbide seats, which provides several benefits. Firstly, it circumvents the need for beryllium plates as support for the diamond anvils. The net result is the avoidance of the usual halo coming the diffraction pattern of Be. Secondly, the mechanical resistance of tungsten carbide, being higher than that of beryllium, provides backing seats with longer lifetime. Thirdly, by having tungsten carbide backing plates it is possible to use the cell at high temperatures. Of particular interest then is the use of the Boehler-Almax Plate DAC in combination with a laser heating set-up by also taking advantage of its large conical access.

The Almax Plate DAC is very easy to handle and align. It makes use of distinctive tilt-adjustment screws and a special gear box. Diamond anvils cannot be accidentally broken because they are only brought into contact by applying the high force necessary to bend the plates.

The gearbox required to deflect the plates is made of three high-strength, high-precision spur gears which uniformly rotate the three matching clamping screws. These, in turn, act as levers. The conical aperture along the axis of the diamond anvil cell is 85°, whereas the Almax PlateDAC flat design offers a horizontal aperture (in the plane of the gasket) of more than 80° on 3 sectors, offering a near-panoramic view. The vertical opening is above 20°.

The Almax Plate DAC can be supplied with the usual selection of diamonds, type Ia Raman-selected for low- or ultra-low fluorescence or type IIas, with conical apertures of 85° degrees on both sides of the cell. The total height of the cell is around 21 mm for an external diameter of 49 mm.

The gasket is held in place by a convenient gasket holder, in a similar fashion to other Diacell® diamond anvil cells. Gasket materials such as steel, Inconel, beryllium copper alloy, rhenium, as well as pure beryllium (contact us for details) can be supplied with this cell.

This video shows how easy it is to align this cell.

A gas membrane adaptor kit is available for the Plate DAC.  A video animation of this gas membrane upgrading kit can be seen here. A Huber goniometer head is also available for this gas membrane adaptor as well.


The Almax Plate DAC is particularly well suited for X-Ray experiments as it enables diffraction measurements with high transmission factor and very low background.  Indeed, the absence of Be plates, which are replaced by large aperture tungsten carbide seats, combined with the fact that the conical anvils are nearly 15% thinner than the standard designs, considerably enhances the X-ray transmission. The large apertures on both side also makes the cell singularly suited for use with laser heating (particularly double-sided heating) set-ups.


Cell Material Maraging steel
Anvil Support Plate Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism Screw Drive
Maximum Pressure  100 GPa
Temperature Range 300 K
Top Angle X-Ray: conical 85º
Bottom Angle X-Ray: conical 85º
Lateral Access 3 sectors of 80° each in the gasket plane; > 23° vertically
Heating Laser heating (not included)
Cooling N/A
DAC Diameter 49 mm
DAC Height 21 mm
Working Distance to Sample 10.5 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.68
Interfacing Solution Via lateral mounting holes or customized holding ring
DAC Weight 150 g

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils. Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement. Specifications may change without notice. easyLab and Diacell are registered trademarks of Almax easyLab.


We have compiled a series of technical documents (brochures, articles, technical drawings, …) which you might find useful to help you understand this product better.

Technical documentation

Brochure PlateDAC

Technical Drawing

Please contact us for further details on the engineering drawings.


2012 – Ribeiro, M – High Viscosity of Imidazolium Ionic Liquids with the Hydrogen Sulfate Anion: A Raman Spectroscopy Study

2013 – Penna et al. – Pressure and temperature effects on intermolecular vibrational dynamics of ionic liquids

2014 – Stinton el al. – Equation of state and high-pressure/high-temperature phase diagram of magnesium

Spares, Accessories and Options

Our diamond anvil cells are aligned and mechanically tested before leaving our factory on their way to your laboratory.

They also come supplied with the required basic tooling, including gasket blanks, to use them. All is contained in the transportation casing to move around laboratories easily.

Below you can find some of the accessories and spares you might also consider. If you cannot find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Diamond Anvils
3.30 mm – 85° diamond anvils, Boehler–Almax design for pressures up to 50 GPa
Product code: [P00539]
Diamond Anvils
3.10 mm – 70° diamond anvils, Boehler–Almax design for pressures above 50 GPa
Product code: [P01036]
Anvil Support Plate
Tungsten carbide seat, PlateDAC top plate. Conical aperture 85° or 70°, depending on anvil design
Product code: [P01292]
Anvil Support Plate
Tungsten carbide seat, PlateDAC bottom plate. Conical aperture 85° or 70°, depending on anvil design
Product code: [P01291]
Gearbox – Complete
Complete set including 3 spur gears, 1 handle and 1 graduated gearbox body
Product code: [A84400]
Gearbox – Handle
This is the handle (one unit) used on the Almax Plate DAC
Product code: [A84420]
Gearbox – Spur Gear
This is the spur gear (one unit) used on the Almax Plate DAC. 3 units required on the PlateDAC.
Product code: [A84410]
Gas Membrane Kit
GM kit to control pressure in with a gas membrane instead of the gearbox
Product code: [A84200]
Clamp kit for Cryoloader
Kit for cryogenic gas loading using the Diacell® Cryoloader
Product code: [A30500]
Gasket Blanks
10 mm diameter gasket blanks, different materials available (Steel, Inconel, Beryllium Copper Alloy, Rhenium)
Product code: [Please contact us]


What is the maximum pressure I can achieve with the PlateDAC and a given culet size?

Culet size (µm) 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Pmax (GPa) (*) 100 87 56 36 25 14 9

(*) The Pmax values are only indicative. The maximum pressure achievable with a DAC is influenced by many others experimental parameters, like the gasket characteristics (material, thickness and hole size) or the pressure transmitting medium.

What is the total weight of the set-up when using the PlateDAC in conjunction with the GM adapting Kit option?

The weight of the PlateDAC is around 145g, the GM kit is around 370g so the total weight is around 500g.


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