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Diacell® CryoDAC-LT

Raman/PL/Fluorescence, Pmax = 20 GPa, Tmin = 4 K, WD  = 11.5 mm, A = 44º

Diacell® CryoDAC Series

  • The Diacell® CryoDAC-LT is specifically designed for optical studies at high pressure and low temperature in top loading cryostats, such as the Diacell® CF Cryostat
  • The cell is driven by a hydraulic ram (included) located outside the cryostat. Thus, the pressure in the sample can be adjusted whilst at low temperatures
  • Maximum pressures of up to above 20 GPa are easily obtained
  • A unique feature of the Diacell® CryoDAC-LT is that the load is applied to the top and bottom plates, which bear directly on the diamond anvils
  • This cell is suitable for Raman or any other optical work at low temperature
  • Provisions have also been made to enable electrical measurements by making use of side ports and electrical connector on the insert.

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Based upon a novel design by Professor David Dunstan (University of London, England), the CryoDAC-LT permits adjustment of the pressure on a sample whilst the sample is held at low temperatures. The maximum pressure attainable depends upon the size of the diamond anvil working faces (the culet size), but at least 20 GPa can be reached with samples appropriate for Raman and optical spectroscopy.

The Diacell® CryoDAC-LT was designed for use with top-loading cryostats such as the Oxford Instruments CF1204 and its successor, the OptistatCF.  However, please note that we already supply a complete solution, including cryostat and this DAC as part of our CF-DAC system The cell fits into a 20 mm diameter bore. It can be made with almost any length of drive below the cryostat plug: devices of 1.5 meters length have been supplied by us.  It may even be used immersed in a storage dewar.

The cell itself is made of beryllium-copper and measures 27 mm length x 19 mm diameter.  Full axial and tilt adjustments are provided to enable accurate alignment of the diamond anvils.  The diamond anvils are force-fitted into rings, which in turn are fixed mechanically to the body of the cell for stability at cryogenic temperatures.  A unique feature of this cell is that the load is applied to the top and bottom plates, which bear directly on the diamond anvils.  The body of the cell is aligned with respect to the bottom plate for tilt, but the load is not transmitted through it.

The Diacell® CryoDAC-LT is driven by a hydraulic ram, located outside the cryostat. The ram pulls on stainless steel piano wires which run through stainless steel compression tubes. These wires loop around the base of the cell and return to the clamp above the ram. The CryoDAC-LT is supplied as a complete system, including all hydraulics and couplings, and is shipped aligned and ready for use.

Optical access is via the end window of the cryostat if the cell is viewed directly.  A prism holder is also supplied as standard so that optical access may be had through the axial windows, normal to the cell axis.  Provision is made for both fiber optic and electrical access via a feed tube located just above the cryostat plug.


This cell is suitable for Raman and optical spectroscopy.  Provisions have also been made to enable electrical work.

Please note that we supply a complete solution, including cryostat and this DAC as part of our CF-DAC system.


Cell Material Beryllium Copper
Anvil Support Plate Beryllium Copper
Pressure Mechanism Screw Drive – Hydraulic Ram (option)
Maximum Pressure 20 GPa
Temperature Range 4 K
Top Angle 17° along vertical axis
Bottom Angle 44° along vertical axis
Lateral Access N/A
Heating N/A
Cooling Via Cryostat
DAC Diameter 19 mm
DAC Height 35 mm
Working Distance to Sample 11.5 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.34
Interfacing Solution TBC
DAC Weight 50 g

Maximum pressure is dependent upon the culet size of the anvils.  Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement.  Specifications may change without notice. easyLab and Diacell are registered trademarks of Almax easyLab.


We have compiled a series of technical documents (brochures, articles, technical drawings, …) which you might find useful to help you understand this product better.

Technical documentation

Brochure CryoDAC-LT

Technical Drawing

Please contact us for further details on the engineering drawings.


1987 – Dunstan and Scherrer – Miniature cryogenic diamond-anvil high-pressure cell

2006 – Zhydachevskii et al. – Photoluminescence Studies of Mn4+ Ions in YAlO3 Crystals at Ambient and High Pressure

2017 – Barzowska et al. – High pressure studies of Eu 2+ and Mn 2+ doped NaScSi 2 O 6 clinopyroxenes

Spares, Accessories and Options

Our diamond anvil cells are aligned and mechanically tested before leaving our factory on their way to your laboratory.

They also come supplied with the required basic tooling, including gasket blanks, to use them. All is contained in the transportation casing to move around laboratories easily.

Below you can find some of the accessories and spares you might also consider. If you cannot find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Diamond Anvil
2.5 mm Diacell® design diamond anvils, fitted in BeCu rings for easy fitting in the CryoDAC-LT
Product code : [P00131], [M50011]
Beam Splitter
The beam splitter and its support is used to facilitate the optical access to the sample.
Product code: [P00768], [M70029]
CryoDAC-LT Saddles
Semi-circular saddles, so that the piano wires are easily looped around the cell.
Product code: [M70006]
Hydraulic Ram
Hollow Ram and the associated oil pump. Maximum oil pressure 200bar.
Product code: [P00473]
Piano Wires
2 mm stainless steel tension wires used in the CryoDAC-LT Drive Unit .
Product code: [M70025]


What is the maximum pressure I can achieve with the CryoDAC-LT and a given culet size?

Culet size (µm) 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Pmax (GPa) (*) N/A 48 31 20 14 8 5


(*) The Pmax values are only indicative. The maximum pressure achievable with a DAC is influenced by many others experimental parameters, like the gasket characteristics (material, thickness and hole size) or the pressure transmitting medium.

It the CryoDAC-LT fitted with an optical Fibre?

We do not provide an optical fibre for the CryoDAC-LT. It is possible in principle to fit a low temperature compatible fibre in the insert of the CryoDAC-LT, assuming that the suitable SMA connector is fitted on a top connector and that a proper fibre holder and focusing lens(es) are mounted above the DAC. However, this type of optical set up is left to the customer to do. I could recommend one type of optical fibre we sometime use at low temperature from Thorlabs: mounted with SMA connectors at both ends.


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