Diacell® PSU03 Programmable Power Supply

Gasket heater power supply and temperature controller
  • Compatible with internal heaters of Diamond Anvil Cells (ring heaters, gasket heaters) with typical resistance < 2Ω.
  • Compatible with type K thermocouple sensor

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The Temperature Controller developed by Almax easyLab combines a programmable and interfaced power supply from Keithley and a proprietary temperature reader.

The Diacell® PSU03 system has been developed to control the power (U,I) delivered to internal heaters of Diamond Anvil Cells. Such internal gasket heaters of the uScopeDAC-HT(S), uScopeDAC-HT(G) and HeliosDAC-Plus. It can also be used for the simpler ring heaters that can be fitted in DACs like One20DAC, OmniDAC and LeverDACs.

PSU03: Temperature Manager Labview® Software

Almax easyLab provides a Labview® based Temperature Manager (TM) software in order to run high temperature experiments. The software is using the PID algorithm for accurate and optimized heater control. Integrated functions as the Slew Rate will automatically control the heating speed. The TM software includes a security function called Run-away function that will avoid temperature or power over-shooting.


Output Channel 1
Voltage Rating 0-30 V
Current Rating 0-36 A
Power 360 W
Supply Voltage 85VAC//265VAC
Temperature sensor Type K
Resistive heater < 5 Ω (ring or gasket heaters from Almax easyLab)

Almax easyLab is committed to its policy of continuous improvement. Specifications may change without notice. easyLab and Diacell are registered trademarks of Almax easyLab.


We have compiled a series of technical documents (brochures, articles, technical drawings, …) which you might find useful to help you understand this product better.

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PSU03 Programmable power supply


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