PlateDAC Gas Loader (GL) Transmission Kit

System for loading commpressed gases
  • Gas loader kit engineered for loading the PlateDAC with compressed gases (Argon, Helium, Nitrogen)
  • This kit is compatible with the Top Industrie High Pressure Gas Loader

SKU: A96000

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The Gas Loader (GL) Transmission Kit is a loading vessel used in conjunction with both the High Pressure Gas Loader and our diamond anvil cell – the PlateDAC.

This unit specifically designed to house the PlateDAC, enables the end-user to then insert  the PlateDAC inside the high pressure container of the Gas Loader.

The PlateDAC is positioned in the GL Kit which is then placed in the enclosed pressure vessel of the Gas Loader. The complete set up is then hermetically sealed with a plug and the closing wrench.

By rotating the wrench, it is then possible to close the space between the two diamond anvils of the PlateDAC capturing the pressure transmitting gas in the DAC.

The complete kit includes the Transmission Kit (A96000), the loading and extraction tools (A96010 & A96020)

The GL Transmission Kit has three main components:

• An anti-rotation baseplate (1),

• A gear driving spindle (4).

• An outside enclosure with a top closing lid.


Diameter 53 mm (can be adjusted to larger vessel inner diameter)
Height 74 mm
Material Stainless Steel

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